As of 1st January 2021, traders will be required to complete both import and export entry declarations when transiting goods between the UK and Europe.

If you appoint Swain as your primary carrier we will make certain to provide you with the knowledge and resources to deliver the customs clearance solution on all cargo that we transit within our own control on our own services. With Swain in full control, we can ensure minimal delays as the cargo moves across the border, to or from Europe.

Do you need customs brokerage?

If Swain is not your primary carrier, we can and will assist with the production of customs entry declarations and this is known as Customs Brokerage. Providing you have existing trade with Swain either locally or globally we would be happy to offer you a solution in respect of Customs Brokerage.

In order for us to identify a solution, we must therefore implement the correct resource and skill set in place to ensure we are ready in advance of the 1st January 2021. We require some basic information from you to enable us to offer a competitive, tailor-made solution.