Swain achieve the Authorised Consignee & Authorised Consignor accreditation

Swain Group achieve Authorised Consignee & Authorised Consignor accreditation.

What does this mean?


Simply put, they are the recipients of the products being shipped. In most cases, you can think of them as a customer or client. Often, a consignee is the ultimate owner of the product. They could be an individual or a company. They could also be the agent nominated by the buyer or even the buyer’s bank. Unless otherwise instructed, the party listed as the ‘consignee’ on the Bill of Lading is legally required to be physically present to collect the shipment. When shipping internationally, the consignee is the importer of record.


A consignor (shipper) is the party that ships the product. They can be a factory, a distribution centre, or anyone really that has entered into a contract to ship goods. Typically, the ownership (title) of the goods remains with the consignor until the consignee pays for them in full. The consignor is the exporter of record when shipping internationally.

So having both makes Swain Group more profitable, to find out more about our Customs Clearance services click the link below.

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