Corporate Social Responsibility is an essential component in ensuring the future success and sustainability of our business. As a result, we always consider the potential social and environmental effects our business decisions may have.

The Swain Group recognises the positive impact we can make in the regions in which we operate this includes the UK and Romania. We are fully committed to engaging with local communities to raise aspirations and deliver greater training and employment prospects for local people.

As part of our corporate strategy, we endeavour to incorporate social and environmental thinking in all areas of our business activities. The Swain Group realise the importance of these issues and that they must take precedence when setting business objectives and throughout the decision-making processes.

To effectively manage and understand such issues, we consider issues which are most significant to our business as well as those that affect stakeholders such as staff, clients and suppliers.

Continually making a difference

We understand that CSR issues can be identified by undertaking the necessary research and recognising these issues allows us to take a more concentrated approach to making a difference.

Key areas of responsibility include: